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Welcome to Simple Systems Consulting - Your Trusted Partner in Church Growth! At Simple Systems, we are dedicated to helping pastors achieve genuine and sustainable church growth. Our founder, Henry Tolbert, has collaborated with over 100 churches to build powerful systems that maximize impact without compromising on gimmicks.

After years of serving as a church leader in many different roles, I felt an overwhelming call to find a role that allowed me to serve pastors and church leaders everywhere. more specifically, I wanted to help churches see the value of spiritual growth through discipleship.

Over and over again, I would see churches pursue numerical and financial growth, without realizing that if people grew spiritually they could more easily help the church numerically and financially.

After just one year, our team has been able to see more than 2500 people start a discipleship journey through their local church. That's who we are. We're disciple-makers who want to help you and your team become better disciple-makers.

Introducing the Church Systems Bootcamp - Your Gateway to Effective Ministry

This comprehensive program equips pastors with time-tested systems for worship planning, assimilation, evangelism, giver development and more. With our bootcamp, you can grow your church authentically and achieve lasting impact!

  • Develop A Stronger Team To Carry More Responsibility

  • Turn Visitors Into Members More Consistently

  • Onboard New Members And Get Them Active Fast

  • Maximize Your Time So You Can Focus On What's Next

  • Protect The Church By Building Systems That Stay When People Leave

  • Save Money And Increase Revenue By Developing Generous Givers In The Church


Real Stories of Church Transformation

Hear Inspiring Stories of Church Transformation! Our bootcamp has empowered countless pastors to witness remarkable growth while staying true to their calling. Discover how church systems have revolutionized ministries and brought genuine impact to communities.

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Begin with a strong focus to GATHER new people and get them engaged with the church.


Shift focus to GROW the people you have with systems to build connection and commitment.


Expand the vision to create space for new leaders to emerge and take the ministry to new spaces and new people for the Kingdom.


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The 4 Best ChMS for Churches Under 100

October 14, 20235 min read

Are you a ministry or business leader at a small church with under 100 members, seeking a streamlined way to manage your church operations? Look no further. In this comprehensive blog, we'll introduce you to the top church management software options specifically tailored for small congregations. We've done the research so you can make an informed decision.

With a commitment to helping church leaders grow their congregations without burning out or compromising their values, let me help you find the right solution.


  1. Church Hub: Explore the all-in-one solution starting at just $83 per month. Learn how it can simplify your church management tasks, from website building to marketing and automation.

  2. Breeze: Delve into a user-friendly interface and robust member management tools. Discover how Breeze makes member tracking, online giving, and event management a breeze.

  3. Planning Center: Get insights into this comprehensive service planning tool that's perfect for collaborative event and service planning. Learn about check-in systems, mobile accessibility, and secure online giving.

  4. Simple Church: Find out how this cost-effective and straightforward church management software can help small churches manage members, contributions, and communication effortlessly.

Software #1

Church Hub:

  • Base Pricing: Starts at $83 per month.

  • Pros:

    • All-in-One Solution: Church Hub is a one-stop-shop for all your needs, from website building to marketing and more.

    • Drag & Drop Website Builder: Easily create and customize your church's website with no coding required.

    • Pre-Loaded Templates: Choose from a variety of church and business website templates to get started quickly.

    • Funnels and Landing Pages: Streamline your marketing efforts with pre-loaded funnels and landing pages.

    • Appointment Scheduling: Allow members to schedule appointments with your church.

    • Forms and Surveys: Gather information and feedback from your congregation.

    • Follow-Up Campaigns: Stay connected with automated follow-ups.

    • Multi-Channel Campaigns: Reach your members through various channels.

    • Course Management: Offer online courses and manage them effortlessly.

    • Workflows and Pipelines: Simplify your church processes with automation.

    • Two-Way Texting: Engage with members via text messages.

    • Email Marketing: Send newsletters and updates to your congregation.

    • Web Chat and Facebook Messenger: Provide instant communication options.

    • Analytics: Gain insights into your church's performance.

    • Invoicing: Handle finances and donations efficiently.

    • Weekly Coaching Call: Benefit from regular coaching sessions.

    • Pre-Loaded Church Systems: Save time with ready-to-use church systems.

    • Custom Online Discipleship Course: Create personalized discipleship programs.

    • Access to Systems Training: Get the training and resources you need.

    • Systems Docs & Forms: Access church documentation and forms.

    • Bonus Business Account: Receive an additional account for your business needs.

    • Digital Church Systems Automations: Automate various church operations.

Who is this most for: Church Hub is ideal for churches looking to organize for growth. Church Hub outshines the competition by including options to help you disciple people in-person and online. Their online course platform, social media planner, and funnels are a gamechanger. This is truly an all-in-one solution to manage their church efficiently, with a strong focus on online presence and marketing.

Software #2


  • Base Pricing: $72 per month

  • Pros:

    • User-Friendly Interface: Breeze is known for its ease of use, making it accessible for all church members.

    • Member Management: Keep track of your congregation's information, contributions, and attendance.

    • Online Giving: Allow members to contribute online securely.

    • Event Management: Organize church events and services with ease.

    • Volunteer Management: Simplify volunteer coordination and scheduling.

    • Mobile App: Access Breeze on the go for quick updates and communication.

    • Reporting: Generate various reports for insights and decision-making.

    • Integration: Connect with other software and platforms for added functionality.

    • Support: Benefit from excellent customer support.

Who is this most for: Breeze is an excellent choice for small churches that value user-friendliness and streamlined member management. It does not include a website or online course platform, but performs well at what it does.

Software #3

Planning Center:

  • Base Pricing: Planning Center's pricing varies based on the services you need. Contact their sales team for details.

  • Pros:

    • Comprehensive Services: Planning Center offers a range of tools for service planning, check-ins, giving, and more.

    • User-Friendly: The software is designed for easy navigation and usability.

    • Collaborative Planning: Plan services and events with your team.

    • Check-In System: Streamline check-ins for various church activities.

    • Mobile Accessibility: Access Planning Center on the go with their mobile app.

    • Secure Online Giving: Allow members to contribute safely.

    • Integrations: Connect Planning Center with other tools for added functionality.

    • Excellent Support: Access customer support when needed.

Who is this most for: Planning Center suits churches seeking comprehensive services and collaborative planning. They offer most of the things you need to organzie your church, but pricing can be high as it changes based on the number of people in the system. Costs increase fast, even if you only add contact info from people who are not engaged.

Software #4

Simple Church:

  • Base Pricing: Simple Church's pricing varies based on the services you need. Contact their sales team for details.

  • Pros:

    • Streamlined Church Management: Simple Church lives up to its name, offering an easy-to-use platform for member and event management.

    • Attendance Tracking: Keep track of attendance at your services and events.

    • Contribution Management: Manage church finances with their simple tools.

    • Communication: Stay connected with your congregation through email and text messages.

    • Reporting: Generate reports to make informed decisions.

    • Mobile Access: Keep the church in your pocket with their mobile app.

    • Support: Benefit from responsive customer support.

Who is this most for: Simple Church is perfect for small churches looking for an uncomplicated and cost-effective church management solution. Their cost is also based on the number of users in the system so cost can increase fast.

We developed Church Hub to help churches use technology to supplement staff. In this changing climate, it has become more and more challenging for churches to hire the staff they need. With Church Hub, you can do more with less.

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